Look in infrared

Learn everything you need to know about the Redlook technology

and how to get the most out of SENSIA’s Redlook cameras


Theoretical Background

Introduces the infrared fundamentals together with some physics and engineering basis to acquire a broad knowledge of RedLook Technology

Practical Lessons

In this section, you will be able to get hands-on at specific application cases depending on the certification program


This section is intended to put everything together, summarize the lessons learned and resolve any questions and comments about the training itself

Test your knowledge

A certificate showing competence with the requirements of the course will be emitted as soon as the test is successfully fulfilled

Our Certifications

The RedLook Academy is specifically designed for everyone involved with SENSIA’s technology.

Redlook Academy provides the required qualification level to our customers, integrators, and partners.


Sensia Product Certificate

Courses that contain a theoretical basis of the science behind each product and a practical session for product handling and how to get the most out of our RedLook technology

End-user and Operators


Visit our product certification page

Sensia RedLook Certificate

Courses that explain the fundamentals of RedLook technology for continuous monitoring

End-User and Operators

RedLook Integrator Certificate

Complete training for SENSIA-approved integrators around the world


RedLook Sales Pitch

Course inteded to share the RedLook technology story and unique features, to describe how RedLook contributes to customer growth and to share success-cases stories to help customers envision future success with RedLook

Marketing and Sales Partners


Want ad-hoc trainnings?

Just let us know and let’s try to figure something out!

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